0497 382 138

Free Courtesy Bus Details

Operates on Friday and Saturday nights from 5pm and Sunday 3pm – 7pm

The primary purpose of the courtesy bus service is to provide a mode of transport for Coomera Waters Tavern members, Shannon’s Restaurant patrons and their guests to transit home safely. Give us a call we’ll organise that you have a good night safely. We care about our patrons safety.

For Courtesy Bus Bookings phone: 0497 382 138

This is part of the restaurant and the tavern’s overall responsible service of alcohol program coupled with the our duty of care to members. It has been practice in the past for our service to pick up patrons from our neighbourhood.

Bus Rules (tongue in cheek)

Drivers Discretion
Bus drivers may use their discretion as to who provides directions!
Bus drivers may ask patrons to tell a joke to enhance the ride!

General Rules
The use of humour and clever wit will be looked upon favourably as the bus driver bores easily.
Harassment towards the driver will ensure  you are let off the bus first… while it’s still going.
No guarantees can be given as to the state of the patrons upon leaving the tavern, and so too getting a ride home.
Patrons waiting for pick-up shall be patient… very patient!
No alcohol is to be consumed on the bus or we’ll get into trouble.
No smoking permitted on bus or you’ll get in trouble.
Given the complexity of the bus routes, the driver will determine the order for pick-ups and drop-offs according to the patrons proficiency in reading a google map!